Shh. Listen.

Do you hear that?



Today is the first day of school for all of my beautiful ducklings. Lucy started last week, and the other three ducklings started today.

I am so tired.

Summer catches me off-guard every year. Every year, I front load my June calendar, scatter events randomly along the July calendar, and wonder what I’m going to do when the August calendar rolls around. Every year, I stop breathing in June, hope to catch a few quiet moments in July, and focus on damage control and survival in August. Every year, I have grandiose plans in the beginning that fade to just a faint hope that I might get to September with some semblance of sanity.

And so here I sit.

It’s September.

And very little was accomplished this summer. The house projects I intended to tackle remain undone. I did two–count ’em, two–very small client projects over the entire three-month period. I fell irretrievably behind on my Goodreads reading challenge. We took no family vacation. I didn’t even do much sewing, knitting, or crocheting. My word–I haven’t even posted here in weeks!

On the other hand . . .

Lucy and Tiger completed about a month of swimming lessons, and all four ducklings spent a lot of time in the local high school pool.

Boy Patriot and Tiger took a five-day hike with Mr. P and some boys from their Trail Life USA troop.

Lucy and Hermione and I spent a week at AHG summer camp.

The family enjoyed several day and weekend trips around our beautiful home state. We even camped a few times.

And, I managed to get my AHG troop set up–mostly–to start our weekly meetings anew.

Wasted time? Sure, there was plenty of it. Around here, it tends to take the form of:

  • Family movie nights.
  • Lazy Saturday mornings in front of cartoons.
  • Snuggles with the puppy.
  • Quiet reading time.
  • Long conversations with Mr. P over tacos and . . . adult beverages . . . at our favorite Mexican restaurant.

As an over-ambitious mom with a lot of goals for summer, I usually get to September thinking that I’ve ill-used all of my time for the previous three months. I certainly know moms who got a lot more accomplished than I did. I see their pictures on Facebook. They’ve gardened, canned, traveled, schooled, written, organized, entertained, and decorated All The Things. How can one look at that sort of litany and not feel unaccomplished?

Are there things I would do differently if I had the summer to do again? Probably.

Does the summer feel wasted?


No, I don’t think it does.

*deep breath*

It’s September. September means new pencils, clean backpacks, and fresh haircuts. It means forms to complete, dues and fees to pay, clothes to buy. It’s sweaters and leggings and boots on the off days, and sunglasses and capris and flip flops on the other days. It’s jackets in the morning and A/C in the afternoon. It’s sock yarn and fall projects and books and soup and the last days of grilling and the first days of pot roast and the smell of pumpkin and apples and crayons and the sound of geese and the chill of fall and the hint of approaching winter.

It’s beginnings, middles, and ends all at once, is September.

I’m taking a day or two to catch my breath, to rest, to have coffee with friends, to prepare myself for working again, to get a pedicure (my feet are hideous), to clean my workspace and get some processes in place.

And then . . .

Then, I think I’ll be ready to tackle the school year.

Till next we meet . . .