Me, Unfiltered

Here’s the thing.

I’m a conservative (borderline libertarian) in a very blue state. I’m too conservative for the average Joe around these parts, but I’m too liberal for some of my church friends.

I’m pro-life. Unashamedly, unabashedly.

I support the 2nd Amendment 100%.

I am a follower of Christ, but I’m not “orthodox” enough for many of my church friends, nor am I hipster enough to sit with the cool kids.

When I say “orthodox,” what I really mean is that I don’t tend to follow unbiblical rules made up by uptight Christians, even if I am completely orthodox in the major things.

I’m not a fan of Rachel Held Evans, Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, or Donald Miller. I do like Tim Keller, Kevin DeYoung, Greg Koukl, and J. P. Moreland.

I’m a Calvinist. Probably. That means I’m out of favor with current theological leanings.

I breastfed my children, but not long enough or publicly enough. I also used disposable diapers, let them have more than two hours of screen time per day, and made them sleep in their own beds almost from day one.

I vaccinated my children without reading a single word on the matter beforehand. I don’t regret it.

I use the Oxford comma. I won’t apologize for that.

I like Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire (the books, not the TV series), Stephen King, Avengers, X-Men, and every blessed word Neil Gaiman has ever written (so far–I’m still working through his stuff).

I don’t like Twilight, Firefly, Doctor Who, Sherlock, or most books categorized as YA.

I think the Supreme Court was right in its decision on the Hobby Lobby case.

Every single one of these things is controversial. Every. Single. One.

Every single one of these things, if I post them on Facebook, is likely to garner a minimum of privately raised eyebrows and a maximum of heated debate that requires me to delete the offending post.

This is why I hate Facebook. And really, social media in general.

This is also why I use a pseudonym.

In any case, now you know what a horrid person I am. Or you think we should be BFFs. Either way, you’ve been warned. This is the person I can’t be on Facebook, so it’s the person I will be here.

This is me, unfiltered.


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