Doug TenNapel – On Death

Like Mr. TenNapel, I have often been on the edge of my seat looking for a better explanation for what’s wrong with the world than the one Christianity offers. I mean, let’s face it–Christianity forces us to acknowledge that *we’re* the problem. I love Mr. TenNapel’s explanation about how Christianity gets what’s wrong with the world right. Great post.

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One of the reasons why I am a Christian is that this religion got what’s wrong with the world right. In my wanderings through philosophy and reason I went looking for any religion that would best demonstrate man’s great problem. All philosophies (including no philosophy) exist to address what’s wrong with the world. I found something wrong with the world, and I intuitively knew this from a very young age.

When I was four I remember both receiving cruelty from my peers as well as dealing it out to them. Doing bad was an act of religion, bad religion, that all of us participated in. We weren’t convinced we should do bad by a world view or philosophy, and though most of us were never taught to do wrong, that is what we all chose to do at some point.

Now look around the world and ask why we do…

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