12 More Random Things

I may, perhaps, eventually figure out how to make individual blog posts about some of these things . . . In the meantime, here are more random things concerning the last and future several days.

  1. I hate when I find a knitting or sewing pattern I love and it’s only in Hungarian. Or any other language I don’t speak. Considering that I’m only fluent in English and know a smattering of high school Spanish, there are many languages that create obstacles to my creative endeavors.
  2. From early August until mid-September, Mr. P and I are only going to sleep in the same house approximately 12 of 41 nights.
  3. Regarding #2, I am on auto repeat of “this is just a season . . . this is just a season . . .”
  4. I have not touched my writing since determining that I will be unapologetic about it.
  5. I have approximately seven modes: Homemaker, Administrator, Writer, Knitter, Wife, Mother, and Apologist. Those are in no particular order.
  6. At the moment, I’m in Homemaker mode.
  7. Regarding #6: Stupid Pinterest.
  8. Our downstairs family-kid-entertainment room is now somewhere between Fire Engine Red and Vintage Merlot Red. That’s not as bad as it sounds. In fact, I sort of like it. But since yesterday it was a buttery yellow, it’s a bit jarring. It needs one more coat, which should make it trend a bit more toward the Vintage Merlot Red. I hope.
  9. AHG starts next Tuesday. I don’t feel even remotely prepared for this year. I continue to trust that God has something big planned and that He’ll let me in on it when He’s good and ready.
  10. Lucy and Tiger start school tomorrow. Hermione and Boy Patriot start next Monday. Can I get an “amen?”
  11. I have not been diligent about keeping up with my daily Bible reading, memorizing, prayer, and the rest this summer. Did we have summer? I don’t remember. It’s all been rather blurry these last three months or so. In any case, when it doubt, start at the beginning. Back to Genesis . . .
  12. I have insomnia. It stinks. It comes and goes without any real regularity, but it’s never a companion I welcome.

Perhaps sharing the randomness will allow slumber to steal over my thoughts and give me rest. I shall attempt to sleep (perchance to dream).

Till next we meet . . .