11 Random Things

  1. The Child Formerly Known as Boy Scout (TCFKABS) is henceforth rechristened Boy Patriot.
  2. I finished this today:shawl The beadwork doesn’t show up very well, and the pic is a bit blurry, but I love it. It’s a gorgeous sea green with random amethyst (clear and opaque), smoke, and clear beads. I love it.
  3. I plan to wear the afore-posted shawl to dinner with Mr. P on Saturday night. He has been out of town all week. Dinner alone with my husband is definitely in order.
  4. I have been alone with three of my children all week (Hermione is at horse camp). This is not new. Mr. P is required to occasionally travel for his work. But I am getting a bit twitchy.
  5. I attribute my twitchiness to my attempts to work on American Heritage Girls plans and such while juggling swim lessons, dentist appointments, grocery shopping, and the frequent requests of my two Jack Sparrow wannabes to use the community laptop to virtually pillage the Carribbean.
  6. It occurs to me that, while I do have a tendency to disappear into my writing worlds, it is entirely possible that many of the issues that led to the imbalance in our home were not necessarily my problems, but just the peculiar and challenging nature of attempting to work from home with children present. I have to think on this a bit more, but perhaps I was being unduly harsh on myself for the lack of balance in our lives and our home.
  7. If anyone has doubts about man’s fallen nature, let me suggest that he or she spend a few hours alone with two tweens and a teen and see if he or she would like to revise said doubts.
  8. May I also mention that I love my children to pieces? Which is why the occasional slide into generally rebellious behavior demands correction and discipline . . .
  9. I finished my read-through of the Bible. I started in October and finished Revelation about a week ago. I’ve started again in Genesis, but I have not been very diligent about daily reading. I am working on this.
  10. It was very humid today. I do not like humidity. More heat is coming in the next few days. I do not like heat. I cannot promise positive attitude until the temperature returns to the 70s and the humidity returns to a level that doesn’t add three ring sizes to my finger.
  11. I am writing again. I don’t know how to feel about that. More ruminations on art and Christianity are coming soon, methinks.

Till next we meet . . .