I saw something disturbing on Twitter recently. I recognize that Twitter is often the land of the disturbing, but this one . . . I decided this one was worthy of comment.

I don’t remember who tweeted it, and I probably wouldn’t be able to find it again if I tried, but someone suggested that it was a shame that President Obama’s mother didn’t abort him when she was pregnant. This tweet was part of a conversation about abortion by a group of pro-life/anti-abortion people, and the group was discussing President Obama’s defense (indeed, promotion) of abortion. I’ve seen similar tweets and blog comments elsewhere as well–sometimes about all “liberals” in general–and I find this sentiment very disturbing.

I am pro-life. I am unequivocally opposed to abortion. And I find a sentiment that suggests the president should have been aborted offensive, cruel, and inconsistent with an anti-abortion view.

We cannot consistently oppose abortion and make statements that blame an innocent for adult mistakes or crimes. Suggesting that President Obama’s mother should have aborted him is similar to promoting the abortion of a child who was the product of a rape. Both sentiments would punish the baby–the innocent–for the adult crimes.

No baby is responsible for any adult crimes. If anything, let us wish that President Obama’s father had been more active in his life, that he hadn’t been raised by a mother with communist leanings, that he had experienced a more stable upbringing.

I should clarify that I lean right on almost every issue, and I have not yet found a single issue on which I agree with President Obama. I think his administration is corrupt and rife with fraud. I fear what our country will look like in January 2017 when he leaves office.

But wish him dead through abortion? No. Never. To do so would be inconsistent with the tenets of my faith. And despite my disagreements with the president, he is still a human being created in the image of God. Christ died for President Obama just as He did for me.

May I also suggest that, had President Obama never existed, it would not have made a significant difference? “We the People” put him in the White House, whether we voted for him or not. It was our culture that created a climate ripe for a leader like Barack Obama. Our problems in the U.S. are not Barack Obama problems. At their most basic, our problems are culture problems. If not Barack Obama, someone else would have stepped into the gap.

Friends, fellow social conservatives, brothers and sisters in Christ, may I humbly suggest that we remember to respect all human life, born and unborn? May I suggest that, even when we disagree with our leaders or their representatives, we remember to refrain from the kind of sentiments that only do our cause harm? Why offer up our opponents any fuel for the fire, after all? Rather than wish them dead through abortion, perhaps we should pray for their rebirth through salvation.

As I tell my children all the time, “you are responsible for you. All you can do is the right thing.”

Let us remember to do–and say–the right thing.

Till next we meet . . .


2 thoughts on “Consistency

  1. Laurel C Kriegler

    I agree. I may or may not agree with your views on Obama, but what is fact is that he has been voted in by society, so like it or not, the people put him there because of what he stands for. If not him, it would have been someone else. This is why we must always pray for our leaders, whether we agree with them or not, because, ultimately, God has either placed them there or permitted them to be there for a time, and it is our duty to pray for them. Being a leader of any type is a very difficult position, something I don’t think many of us are prepared to acknowledge.

    1. jmpadoc Post author

      I know I wouldn’t want the job of president! But whether or not the person who holds the office is the one I voted for, I will still respect the office and I will still pray for the one who holds it.

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