As much as I sometimes wish I were still working, it’s weeks like this that make me glad I’m not.

February is always busy for us. There are several Scout events every February, but this year, things are even more hectic than usual.

We’re deep in the midst of two remodeling/redecorating projects. Our circa-1975 master bathroom is currently without a shower and will soon be without a toilet, sink, and vanity for a short time. We’ve been sharing a bathroom with our four lovely and extremely understanding children for about three weeks. It’s getting old, but this is one of those first world problems–the fact that we currently only have one shower and will soon have only two indoor toilets for a couple of days. Again, perspective is all, isn’t it?

The second project is our family room. I’ve potty-trained four children and endured one aging pet on that carpet. It’s time to let it go. We’re also planning to paint, replace a door, and improve the current entertainment system. Our goal is to transition the room from a little kid’s playroom to a big kid’s video game/board game/foosball/slumber party room. We want to make our house the one kids want to come to.

There are also innumerable other small projects around our house–things that were neglected when I was working. I am slowly purging the junk from our garage. I spent my Sunday painting our hallway (there is a lot to tape off in a hallway–I had six doors alone). Of course, now that I’ve painted the hallway, I realize how awful the other walls look. More painting is surely on tap soon.

Oh, and amid all of this chaos, we’re still trying to be Super Scout Parents. Mr. P camped over the weekend with our eldest son’s Boy Scout Troop. I’m now committed to helping a group set up a new American Heritage Girls troop in addition to serving in my daughters’ current troop. Our younger son’s Cub Scout Pack is just starting a new fundraiser.

Of course, school is ongoing, as is church. And church . . . I’m starting to wonder if perhaps I’m not the reason I don’t fit in. I’ve been very consistent about Bible reading, scripture memorizing, and praying lately, and I still didn’t fit in when I went this past weekend. What’s worse, I don’t really think my children are being spiritually fed. It may be time to find some other place for all of us to grow. Whether that means supplementing services with our own Bible studies outside of church or just finding another church remains to be seen. More on that another time . . .

This week doesn’t promise any break in the pace of the past month. We have plans every day and/or evening this week. I’m extremely fortunate that one day is designated for me to spend with my best friend–a bit of relaxation for two moms who spend most of our time rushing kids from one place to the next. But most of the remainder of our week will be spent remodeling, running to and from Scout events, and kicking off a little Bible study for a small group of middle school kids.

Whew. Are you tired yet? I am. And yet, I’m holding up under pressure.

There was a time when I wouldn’t have been holding up. I’d have been panicky and stressed and waspish. I’d have been worrying about getting time to work and time to clean the house and time to take the boys out to do their fundraising and time to take kids to the library for research and time to connect with Mr. P and and and . . . And I would have been tempted to beg off from my planned day with my best friend for the sake of trying to catch a few hours to work, and most likely, those hours would have instead been spent grocery-shopping or doing laundry or mopping a floor.

But now? There are no work demands. And as much as I do miss the work itself, I do not miss the person it made me or the stress it brought.

So yes, we’re busy. But I’m more sane than I was last February. And in my world, “more sane” is progress.

Till next we meet . . .


4 thoughts on “Busy

  1. Laurel C Kriegler

    I’d love to know more about your church-related issues. We’ve had some ourselves recently, and I found a relatively useful solution to them that, so far, has done us good. Apart from that, all the best with the craziness!

    1. jmpadoc Post author

      The main issue is that the church does not seem to be helping us or our kids grow in our faith and walk with Jesus. Our church is wonderful at teaching good morals, but when it comes to answering objections that we and our kids will hear from people in the world, there’s not a lot of meat. When we have tried to raise some interest in teaching/learning more about how to be a good apologist for the faith, we’re met with blank stares. We also feel that the church’s vision doesn’t really align with ours as far as service goes. We see our scouting activities as having huge potential for outreach, but the church seems to feel that only “church-sanctioned” activities can be useful for the Lord–things like vacation Bible school, Easter egg hunts, and youth group retreats with the appropriate amount of loud “feel good” Christian music, basketball, and pizza. I suppose it’s fair to say we’re just sort of disillusioned with the folk there. I do think our church does some wonderful things. We do really like our pastor and his messages, and the church is a good place to go for someone who’s been hurt because the people are friendly and very social. We just don’t feel like it’s a good place for equipping believers in the more challenging aspects of faith.

      What have been some of your issues? I’m curious about your solution.

      1. Laurel C Kriegler

        I think that our solution may at least help you towards finding one for you. It’s a book I read called “Why Men Hate Going to Church”… Sounds strange, but it’s a very useful book. As for the rest, it might be best mentioned off the record, so to speak. You can mail me at laurel(dot)kriegler(at)gmail(dot)com if you want to.

  2. jmpadoc Post author

    To be completely honest, Mr. P likes church more than I do. I think it’s partly because he’s more social by nature than I am. But both of us are dissatisfied with the level of growth we’ve been experiencing. We’re trying to decide whether it’s better to supplement what we’re getting now with something at home or just look for something different elsewhere. It will likely take some time.

    I will e-mail you when I have a minute. Thank you for the address–all the best to you!

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