The Enough Moment

Several years ago, Mr. P. and I were deeply in debt. It was our own fault–we didn’t live on a budget, we bought a house before we were financially stable, and we used credit cards to buy things we didn’t need. We did every kind of financially stupid thing we could manage with the exception of taking out student loans and visiting payday lenders. We were the classic normal Americans.

Then we had a baby, and as if we did not have enough stress, we compounded it when I elected to stay home with the baby. And as if we did not have enough to worry about, we had another baby, bought a bigger house, had another baby, had a FOURTH baby, and borrowed money to buy a minivan.

Needless to say, we had a pretty deep hole.

Around the time that our fourth child was nearly a year old, we had our Enough Moment. We had been poking at the debt problem for some time, but we hadn’t made any real headway. I worked part-time from home when I could, but my income was meager at best. And then, one day I listened to Dave Ramsey (I still believe my husband intentionally left the radio on so that I would hear what Mr. Ramsey had to say).

I had it. I had my Enough Moment.

Enough debt.

Enough time.

Enough stress.


And we did. I ramped up my income by taking on more clients. We started doing monthly budgets. We got a little traction, then a little more, then a LOT more. Mr. P. increased his income by changing jobs and hopping to a new corporate ladder. One by one, our debts disappeared until we had nothing but our house payment. Then little by little, we increased our emergency fund, our retirement savings, our giving. It took years, but we finally arrived at a place of financial stability.

And it all started with an Enough Moment.

The reason I share all of this is because I sense an Enough Moment in this country. I had mine in November when the country chose to re-elect President Obama. In the past, I’ve been hesitant to talk about my political leanings. I’ve feared the loss of friends who don’t share my beliefs, retaliation from those who don’t share my commitment to vigorous but polite debate, and even persecution from a state that erodes our liberties on a daily basis. No more. I will no longer be silent. I will no longer be complacent.

I sense I am not alone. I sense that many people have had their Enough Moment. Together, we all say “Enough! Enough spending! Enough taxation! Enough entitlements! Enough debt! Enough death through abortion, enough erosion of our Second Amendment rights, enough silence on actions that are in direct opposition to objective morality. Enough–we will be silent no longer.”

We must vote. We must support candidates and causes who share our beliefs through contributions and promotion. We must root out evil and bring it to light. We must stand firm and say, “No, I will not comply. I will not bend my knee. I will not yield.” And most of all, we must pray.


Enough complacency.

Enough silence.

Enough fear, acquiescence, compromise. Let us never look back on these years with regret. Let us never be those who say, “if only we had fought.” If we must be defeated, let us go down to defeat holding our heads up high, willing even unto death to stand for what’s true and right.


Till next we meet . . .